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Combur 9 Urine Test Strips (50)

Combur 9 Urine Test Strips (50)
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Combur 9 Test strips (50) of Roche Diagnostics, are distinguished by a particular test strip design. Test strips are for visual and instrumental reading - reliability and convenience in urinalysis screening and monitoring.

Combur-Test strips are most suitable for rapid screening of diseases of the kidney and the urogenital tract, carbohydrate metabolism disorders (inter alia diabetes mellitus) and liver diseases and hemolytic disorders. Early recognition of diseases like urinary tract infections or diabetes enables the physician to start treatment early in order to prevent or delay serious complications, with good prognosis of the otherwise serious condition.

Features & Function

  • Urine test strips for unequalled performance
  • Unique design and well thought-out technology
  • Maximum reliability and convenience
  • Clear and reliable results
  • Easy-to-read, vertical colour scale
  • Virtually no interference by ascorbic acid

Combur-Test strips of Roche Diagnostics are distinguished by a particular test strip design:

The reagent paper and underlying absorbent paper are held in place on a stiff white carrier foil via a fine porous nylon mesh laminated to the foil itself. Sensitive test areas are protected against contact, contamination and abrasion. The mesh enables rapid and uniform penetration of urine into the test area, ensuring uniform colour development. The absorbent paper prevents interference by absorbing excess urine. And the long strip handle contributes to safe handling.

The test areas assure good readability against the white background of the carrier foil. The comparison colours printed on the vial label in a special printing procedure allow easy evaluation of test results.

Combur-Test strips are highly sensitive. There is virtually no interference with vitamin C in the glucose and blood test fields through protection by iodate, even in the presence of high concentrations of ascorbic acid. The long in-use expiry date up to 2 years at room temperature, favours the use of Combur-Test strips in the medical practice.

The benefits at a glance

  • Reliable diagnosis - Even minute pathological changes in the urine cause distinct color changes in the test fields. This makes urine testing with Combur-Test strips the first step on the way to a reliable diagnosis in both clinics and practices.
  • High sensitivity - Thanks to the low detection limit of Combur-Test strips even slight pathological changes in the urine are made visible.
  • Resistance to ascorbic acid - Combur-Test strips are protected by iodate against ascorbic acid interference with both glucose and hemoglobin determinations eliminating virtually false-negative results and the need to recollect and retest specimens.
  • Economic efficiency - Combur-Test strips can be stored at room temperature up to 2 years. The integrated desiccant in the stopper cap minimizes costly reagent waste.
  • Maximum reading convenience - Combur-Test strips allow to simultaneously read all reagent pads between 1 and 2 minutes while the long strip handle keeps fingers clear of the specimen.



How to use Combur-Test strips:

  • Use fresh urine. Thoroughly mix the sample. The sample should be at room temperature when the test is performed and should no have been standing more than 2 hours.
  • Take a test strip out of the container. Close the container again with the original stopper immediately after removal of strip. This is important as otherwise the test areas may become discoloured due to moisture and incorrect results may be obtained.
  • Briefly dip the test strip into the urine making sure all the test areas are moistened.
  • After 60 seconds, compare the reaction colours of the test areas with the colours on the label and assign to nearest colour block. Any colour changes appearing along the edges of the test areas, or developing after more than 2 minutes, do not have diagnostic significance.

These are the following parameters that Combur 9 test strip analyses.

Screening parameters:

1. leukocytes

2. nitrite

3. protein

4. blood

5. specific gravity

6. pH

Carbohydrate metabolism disorders (inter alia diabetes mellitus)

Screening parameters:

7. glucose

8. ketones

Liver diseases and haemolytic disorders

Screening parameters:

9. urobilinogen

10. bilirubin


Caution before using Combur-Test strips:

  • Urine examinations with test strips should be carried out within 2 hours at the latest
  • The urine specimen should be mixed thoroughly prior to the test
  • The specimens must always be kept in a refrigerator (at 4°C) if the tests cannot be done within 2 hours of the urine collection
  • At the time of testing the samples must be at room temperature
  • The test strip tubes must be stoppered again immediately after the removal of a test strip
  • Remember to label the urine container
  • Residues of cleaning agents or disinfectants falsify the results (false-positive findings for blood, protein and glucose)
  • Freezing of the urine specimen will destroy leukocytes and erythrocytes and hence make the specimen un-usable for subsequent microscopic examinations
  • Specimens must not be centrifuged prior to test strip analysis
  • Specimens must not be exposed to direct sunlight

Size: 50 Strips




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